Best Foot Forward

Best Foot Forward is a programme to gift recycled boots to youngsters who might otherwise miss out on playing sport.

One in three New Zealand children live in poverty and cost is the biggest barrier to children playing sport. We don’t want youngsters to miss out on the joys of team sport because of financial reasons. We are collecting pre-loved rugby and football boots on behalf of The Blues who then clean them up and pass them on to those in need.

Best Foot Forward also reaches out to young people to encourage them to strive to be their best and never give up on their goals.

We’d love to take your donations of used boots in good condition – any size, any brand. There is a collection bin outside Mr Beckett’s office untill the end of term.

The Blues and volunteers from BNZ will spruce up the boots with special blue laces, bag them up and visit pre-registered clubs and schools to pass them on to those in need.

Thanks for your support.