Auckland Schools Mountain Biking Champs

On Sunday 3rd March a bunch of RI riders competed in Cyco 2019 Auckland Schools MTB Champs held at Riverhead. It was a very big, once a year event. Every school was there, RI, Grammar, Sacred Heart and more. There were many races. Most of RI racers were Year 7s, but there were some Year 8s. The first race RI competed in was the under 13, 10km race. You had to do two laps. It was a cross country race, uphill, downhill and flat. There was very rough terrain. It took about 30 minutes for one lap. After that race, there was relays. In the relays you had to be in a group of 3. The relay took about 5 minutes per lap. Everyone from RI made it onto the podium. It was a very great day and the RI cyclists had a very fun day.

Hunter Barrow (Year 7 Rider)

The Results

U13 Boys Cross Country - Jonny Barclay 1st and Finn Houghton 3rd.  

U15 Girls Cross Country - Alex Clark 3rd.  

Intermediate Schools Boys Relay - Jonny Barclay, Josh Foster and Finn Houghton 1st. Toby Browne, Kyle Paris and Hunter Barrow 3rd.  

U16 Mixed Schools Relay - Alex Clark, Tegan Feringa and Maia Barclay 2nd. Hamish Fehl, Robert Turnbull and a boy from St Peters called Cieran came 3rd.