AIMS Golf 2018

AIMS golfers get to play on 4 great courses over 4 days. After 4 days of intense golf there was only 1 shot separating the top 3 players.  The last round was nail biting going down to the last putt of the last hole on the last day!

Daniel Freeman (Year 8) shot 2 over par and came out on top!

Robby Turnbull (Year 7) finished 3rd, 1 shot behind Daniel in what would have to be the best test for young golfers in New Zealand. It is a top result for the boys and RI!

Daniel Freeman      Gross result     304 shots
Robby Turnbull       Gross result     305 shots

Golf has many methods to find a winner when it’s tied. In this case it was done on a hole countback.