RI Singers

RI Singers is the School’s advanced choir made up of talented Year 7 and 8 singers and conducted by Pip Faulknor.  The choir is auditioned early each year and rehearses each Friday 10.40-11.50am. 

Commitment to the choir is yearlong and participants learn a variety of singing and choral techniques while singing a range of genres.  Opportunities are given for elite singers to perform as soloists and in smaller chamber groups.


RI Singers perform in the Auckland Primary Principals Association (APPA) Music Festival each year, at numerous School functions and are regularly invited to perform as guest stars with other choirs throughout Auckland.


There is a levy to cover the cost of bus transport to events and performances.

RI Singers Co-Ordinator

Pip Faulknor  pipf@remint.school.nz