We are currently undertaking a review of our entire approach to sport here at Remuera Intermediate including how we involve ourselves in the NZ AIMS Games competition held annually in Tauranga. At this point in time we are following our previous years’ approach to NZ AIMS as we consider our philosophy and overarching goals going forward.

Our current approach to the NZ AIMS Games are as follows:

At this time we have a soccer team that attends NZ AIMS as a final competition for those students who successfully complete the football academy. This has been booked a year in advance each year for four years now. This team is accompanied by their coach, a teacher here at RI.

Students who have ‘placed' in a national competition in their particular sport who wish to enter their respective sport at NZ AIMS will be endorsed by and entered under the school name. These students will need to make their own arrangements including parent supervision, accomodation, travel and expenses.

For more information refer to the NZ AIMS Games website here

Our school contact is our Sports Co-Ordinator Janet Lowe