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Membership Expectations: Please bear in mind the other commitments you have when planning your co-curricular music involvement. Make sure you do not over-commit yourself. If you are in a co-curricular group you are expected to understand and accept the following principles:

A performance takes precedence over any other rehearsal or sports practice.

A clash of performances or sports games etc. needs to be negotiated with your conductor or music teacher in charge. Do not let down your group by simply not turning up without explanation.

Arrive in plenty of time to set up and warm up ready to start at the designated start time. Do not arrive at rehearsal time.
Prepare and practise your music between rehearsals.

If you are unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness or another valid reason you must notify your teacher in charge in advance. Email is best.

Annual Music Levy - $70.00. All students will be billed after auditions and sign-up (Maximum $70 per student includes all groups and lessons.). Extra Charge of $60 for violin hire

During the school year, all students involved in the Remuera Intermediate School Music Programme perform within the school and for the local community, with annual highlights being the International Assembly in Term 1 and the Music Night Showcase Concert at the end of Term 3.

There are several options to choose from if you wish for your child to be involved in Music at RI.

Symphony Orchestra

Remuera Intermediate School Symphony Orchestra is the most amazing opportunity for young orchestral musicians to get involved in. Students learn to play in a group, developing responsibilities and awareness of others. They also learn about time management and self-discipline. Chosen candidates are required to practise orchestral music in their own time at home, as well as be punctual and attend every rehearsal (if one must miss a rehearsal, an email from a parent should be sent to Mrs Issa, stating a reason for any absence).

Full orchestra rehearsals are held every Thursday from 8-9am with additional rehearsals allocated on Fridays 8-9am prior to a performance. Students must commit to a full year and be prepared to play at Awards Assemblies, Competitions and the Music Night Showcase.

The Symphony Orchestra is for students working at GRADE 1 LEVEL & ABOVE. Auditions are held in Term 1.

A successful candidate is required to have:

  • a black folder (bound stitching, for example, Deskwise Clearfile Refillable 20 Page Assorted A4 from the Warehouse),
  • a metronome/tuner - KORG TM50C Tuner Metronome Black
  • a pencil
  • their instrument

Advanced String Orchestra (ASO)

The Advanced String Orchestra is an auditioned group for gifted and talented students conducted by Dr John Thomson, who rehearses with the group every Friday lunchtime. The ASO performs advanced music at Award Assemblies, the Music Night Showcase and at the end of year Prize Giving in Parnell Cathedral.

Auditions for RI Advanced String Orchestra (ASO) are for students working at GRADE 4 & ABOVE. Students who are invited to audition for this group must also be part of the RI Symphony Orchestra. 

ASO students are required to make a full year commitment and attend the end of year Prize Giving for a performance at the Cathedral on Friday Dec 4th 2019. NO EXCEPTIONS. (If you are leaving at the end of the year before this date, do not audition.

Violin Lessons

Group violin lessons are offered to students from beginner to Grade 4. No previous experience is required however students should not have a violin teacher outside the school programme. Tuition is provided by Dr John Thomson and lessons are held on Fridays during class time. All students who learn violin are expected to participate in the school orchestra. Due to students learning in group classes, they are on trial for Term 1. Students who do not work or cannot keep up with the class work will be asked not to continue at school but to find a teacher privately. No refunds will be given. There are also a limited number of violins available to rent for $60 per year.

Instrumental Lessons

The Remuera Music School is a Government funded music programme held at Rl on Saturday mornings. Primary and Intermediate age students have the opportunity to learn a wide range of instruments for a small annual administration fee. Instruments are also available to hire. See

Performance Club 

No audition required. Students can bring their lunch on Mondays to share pieces or simply come and listen to other students play while they eat their lunch. Students who perform their pieces are then invited to play for Assemblies and School Events. The best candidates are invited to play at the end of year Prizegiving Ceremony at Parnell Cathedral.

Instrumental Ensembles

Students in the RIS Orchestra are encouraged to join Chamber Groups and Woodwind and Brass Ensembles. The rehearsal time will be advised at the beginning of the year.

Jazz Band

This is for more advanced students who are also in the RIS Orchestra. Jazz Band rehearsals are held every Thursday. The rehearsal time will be advised at the beginning of the year.

Rock Bands

Students prepare their band for Band Quest August 2019. Please note students need to rehearse in their own time as well as at school.

DJ Club

Meeting is on Tuesday February 5th at 12:00pm lunchtime. The Club runs Term 1-2 (possibly Term 3 as well), Tuesday lunchtimes. Students work towards performing their own material at the Trash to Fashion Show at the end of Term 2. Students who are accepted need their own headphones and USB.

Guitar and Ukulele Club

Information Coming Soon

RI Singers

See Miss Faulknor

Music Teacher

Veronica Issa