Solar Power

In late May 2015, a 4Kw array of photovoltaic panels was installed on the roof of the school hall. The installation was funded by Genesis Energy under the Schoolgen programme ( which has supported the installation of small photovoltaic systems in 71 schools around New Zealand.

The performance of the system can be monitored on the Schoolgen website at the address There was an initial problem with recording the data on the amount of electricity generated by the system, but after a faulty component was replaced, data is now available on the website. Data can be downloaded from the site for analysis and rudimentary graphs can also be displayed showing system performance over different time periods.

The amount of electricity being generated varies with the amount of solar radiation as may be expected, but over 30 days from early in July, close to 300Kwh (kilowatt hours) of electricity was produced by the system.