Auckland Badminton runs a Just Smash It programme on either a Tuesday or Friday afternoon from 3:15 – 4:15 in the school hall. Groups of 22 players are coached weekly.
To date over 1700 pupils have enjoyed this programme. Lessons in 2018 start Term 1, Week 4. Permission slips will be available from Week 2. Current Cost is $35.00 per 8 lessons (this is a subsidised cost). Beginners are welcome. 


In Term 3 all students are invited to trial for the Central Zones Badminton team which comprises Year 7 singles and doubles, boys and girls and Year 8 singles and doubles, boys and girls (12 players in total).  The competition is held in November at the Gillies Ave Badminton courts.


The Central Zones team has a weekly practice at lunchtime in Terms 3 and 4, coached by Megan McGaw.


The cost per term is $35 after a $10 subsidy paid by the School.

Badminton Co-ordinator

Janet Lowe  Just Smash It

Linda Shaw